Give your skin an all-natural treatment that could not only treat the problem but calm and tone your skin at the same time. Keitha powder Gulkand foaming body wash treats acne dryness, sunburn and tanned skin. Enjoy detoxed, unlogged, moisturized and firm skin.

What’s In It - Desi Gulaab, Mishri, Cardamon

Benefits - 

1. Detoxed Skin
2. Improves skin texture
3. Glowing skin

Direction to Use -
Step 1: Sprinkle a small amount into your hands and rub them together to activate the foamy lather spread and massage thoroughly wet body, rinse well.
Step 2: Keep water out of the container.

Key Ingredients - SCI, AOS , Kaolin, Mishri, Desi Gulab Powder, Erylite, Mulethi,
Cardamon, Beetroot, EDTA, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbet, Citric Acid, Rose Oil.

Desi Gulab – Antioxidants is rose prevent cell damage and help in regenerating skin
tissues. They also neutralize free radicals, providing anti -aging benefits to the skin
as well. Soothes dry skin and itchiness.

Beetroot- foliates and nitrates are two of the most beneficial nutrients found in
beetroot can decrease the depth and severity of skin wrinkles by 60%.

Mulethi – it offers skin brightening & lightening properties, soothes and calm signs
of aging, and regulates oil production.