Keitha soft and shine powder shampoo is a clay-based product that cleanses and volumizes the hair. It also adds softness and shine to your hair.

Our powder shampoo isn’t only effective for your hair — it’s a blessing to the environment, too. Liquid shampoos use up to 80 percent water in their formulations adding to that the fact that a 50 gms bottle of Keitha soft and shine Powder Shampoo is equal to one litre of traditional liquid shampoo, and you’ve got an amazing solution for hair care routine.

What’s In It - Hibiscus, Rose jasmine, Aloe Vera, D panthenol

Benefits -

1. Cleanses
2. Adds volume.
3. Effective oil absorption.

Direction to Use -
Step 1: sprinkle some amount of powder shampoo in your hands depending upon your hair thickness and length.
Step 2: Saturate the powder with a little water and rub your hands until you get good foam.
Step 3: Spread and massage through hair. The bubble should almost feel like a conventional liquid shampoo.
Step 4: Rinse and follow with keithas Soft and Shine Powder Conditioner.
Step 5: Repeat if necessary.

Key Ingredients - Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Hibiscus, Rose, Beetroot, D-panthenol, PQ-10, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbet, Essential Oils, Citric Acid

Rose – is rich in antioxidants its properties help nourish the scalp by conditioning and
moisturising hair and also prevents dandruff.

Jasmine – adds lustre and shine to hair, leaves hair smells good acts as a natural hair

Hibiscus – it regenerates the scalp and promotes hair growth. Keratin in hibiscus acts as a conditioner and adds shine to the hair.